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                                                 the  figures  of   the  terrorist  attack

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c i v i l i z e d


                   airport  “terror  attack”  of  March  22,  2016,  Brussels  –  BELGIKISTAN

                                          Peaceful manifestation of the Belgian citizens


                           “terror  attack” on December 19, 2016  –  GERMANISTAN

                                              Peaceful  manifestation  of  the  Germans



                             “terror  attack”  on April 8, 2017,  Stockholm –  SWEDENISTAN

                                               Peaceful  manifestation  of  the  Swedes

People attend a memorial ceremony on April 9, 2017 at Sergels Torg plaza in Stockholm, close to the point where a truck drove into a department store two days before.
Four people died and fifteen were injured when a truck plunged into a crowd at a busy pedestrian street in the Swedish capital on April 7, 2017. (Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images)



               “terror  attack”  on  Mars 22, 2017  Westminster  –  Londonistan – ENGILISTAN


                                                   Peaceful  manifestation  of  the  British



                            “terror  attack”  at  London Bridge,  June 3, 2017,  ENGILISTAN


                                                    Peaceful  manifestation  of  the  British


Peaceful manifestation after “terror attack” on Charlie Hebdo, January 7, 2015,  Paristan – FRANSISTAN

Peaceful manifestation after “terror attack” on Bataclan, November 15, 2015,  Paristan – FRANSISTAN

            “terror  attack”  at  Promenade  des  Anglais,  July 14, 2016,  Nice – FRANSISTAN

                                            Peaceful  manifestation  of  the  French  people

The origins of these “terrorist attacks” and the sources of their fabrications are not a subject of discussion. Acts of isolated fanatics are clearly known.

The hidden side of the truth is that the morphinised people of the Islamic states of Western Europe (ISWE) are the sacrifices of their imperial regime’s aggressive politics.


June  18,  2017





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